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Founder of AS-Studio Andréa Schaefer is an intuitive and detail-oriented interior designer, well known for her calm energy and inspiring talent for creating harmony between materials, colors and textures. 

From a young age, his passion was sparked by the balance of space, shapes and, consequently, the perception of the emotional cause and effect of the environment on human beings.

Andréa Schaefer is a Portuguese interior designer, of german root, she lived in Brazil, Japan, Italy and the United States, where she absorbed a mixture of this cultural diversity. Currently the interior designer lives in Lisbon.

Deeply inspired by nature, Andréa embraces each client's vision and superimposes elements of the past and present in patterns, textures and patina to awaken a feeling in what she designs.

She sees interior design as an absolutely transformative experience, which encompasses at the same time what one likes and how one wants to live.

Andréa believes that an environment should be a reflection of its inhabitants, a sanctuary whose history is lived and written by its owners.     

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Meet Andréa  

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